Food Fetish

Food Fetish

A New Site

Did you know that we have a new site here at Enchantrix Empire?  It’s Food Fetish Fantasies and it’s all about vanilla – as long as you mean vanilla ice cream mixed in with your sex!  Oh, we can also do chocolate, or raspberry ripple, marshamallows and candied cherries, even whipped cream.  It’s all about combining Ms. Delia’s two favorite things in the world – food and sex!

What’s Your Flavor?

Now, I’ve done some weird things with food – do you remember my masturbation challenge from a few years ago where I challenged you all to become squid fuckers?  Well, we don’t have to get that freaky – though I am still waiting for the first brave stroker slut who sends me a picture of himself in flagrante calamari!  Don’t you cocksuckers out there imagine how delicious it would be to suck a cock covered in  chocolate sauce?  Now there’s a whole new meaning to big black cock!

Nice Long Vegetables

OF course some of you like those cocks somewhere other than your mouth, don’t you?  You like to have them slide up your hot tight ass.  But what can an ass slut do when they’re on vacation and they forgot their favorite dildo?  Well, there’s probably a grocery store near you, or maybe a farmer’s market, and you’ll be able to buy one of those nice long English cucumbers.  They usually even come with their own condoms – all wrapped up in plastic.  How about instead of using regular lube, you make a nice extra virgin olive oil dressing, so it will slide right inside of you. That EVOO will be the only thing virgin in the whole room!