Fetish Erotic Adult Audios by Ms. Delia

I love doing custom adult audios. If you are curious about my style, you can check out my blog’s audio page. For more free adult audio fun, check out my Hot Spot Podcast on Spreaker where my friend Olivia and I weekly talk about sex topics you love.

Having your very own erotic audio mp3 can be just what you need. Do you long to have a recording of my sexy, sensuous, commanding voice to go with you wherever you like?  Maybe you didn’t know you could have your very own set of mantras or audio assignments that you could play anywhere at any time! But you can!

Adult Erotic Audios When I am Away

Just think about this:  I can keep you submissive and under my spell even when I’m not available.  Maybe you can’t get to the phone when you want to. My erotic recording for you would make it possible for you to just slip in some earbuds and listen to me telling you all the kinky, naughty things I want you to do for me. Maybe you could play my custom Mistress audio in the car on your way to work, or while you run on the treadmill at home. I always want to be between your ears to always inspire and delight you.

A fun erotic audio is just what you need to make the workday go just a bit faster, don’t you think. I know there are times when I’m not available and you just need your Ms. Delia fix.  Whenever you need to hear from me, you can, and you can have so much more fun with me whispering sweet nothings, mantras, or sexy instructions in your ear! What would you love to hear?

Types of Sexy Adult Audios I Make

  • Multiple Mistress Audios
  • Teasing and guided masturbation
  • Feminization mantras or instructions
  • Giantess stories
  • Cuckolding fantasies
  • Cocksucker guidance and instruction
  • Humiliation harsh or soft
  • Impact play instructions
  • Mantras for your kink journey
  • Scripts you want outlined or written for me

I Have So Many Erotic Audio MP3’s

The audio porn and audio erotic stories I produce run the gamut.  Do you need cock control, and our calls just aren’t enough to keep you on the straight and narrow?  I love guided masturbation audios.  Slip those headphones over your head, block out all the noises and distractions around you and I’ll tell when and just how to stroke for me. Beware though.  You never know how many times I am going to make you edge…or I might just deny you altogether!   We may need to put you into chastity if you can’t control yourself!  How about my adult erotic audios about being your cuckoldress’ toy?  Oh, and sissy’s, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you!  Oh no, I have many feminization recordings that will take you through the steps of becoming a real gurl!

How About a Custom xxx erotic Audio

Don’t see anything that tickles your fancy?  What if I told you a can create a customized Mistress audio just for you?  Yes! I love sexy audio stories made tailored to you and your fantasy! Anything we talk about in a phone sex call, any of my interests or your interests can be turned into a customized audio mp3 for you.

How I Create a Custom Erotic Audio

That’s easy! Email me directly Ms. Delia’s EMail and put “Custom Audio” in your subject. You can include an outline, a script, or just some of your ideas. What I talk about is all up to you. I will confirm that I do your audio. Once you purchase your audio online, I will work on it and get it to you witnin 24 to 48 hours. My goal with every erotic audio is to make your fantasy come to life with my voice.

Check out my listings for my selection of premade audios.

Newest Sexy Store Audios:

Make sure to check out My Store Page!

Sissy Bimbo Training – Length: 20:30

Ms. Delia and Ms. Cecilia take you on a relaxing visualization journey to help you become more feminine, more sissy, more bimbo! Relax, and listen to this first audio in a sissy series. This track is layered with meditation music to help you stay calm, and get into that sissy bimbo space we know you need! Be the girl you have only dreamed of being.

Some of my Favorite Store Bundles:

Masturbation Bundle –  Length: 36:40

This four-part masturbation audio bundle by Mistress Delia is designed to have you jerking off in different ways all designed to intensify your orgasm. Almost 37 minutes of audio, and four worksheets should have you on the path to orgasmic bliss in no time. Email your worksheets back to Delia for extra special attention!

Delia’s Week of Guided Masturbation – Length: 29:11

Over one week, Ms. Delia will take you on a guided masturbation journey, teaching you some of her favorite ways to tease and please your body. And though she is quite the cock tease, this PDF and Audio bundle does come with a few orgasms!

Delia’s Day of Denial – Length: 8:38

Do you ever crave the feelings of long term orgasm denial, but just do not have the time to commit to it like you used to? Now you have a way to deny yourself and get all those achy cum-craving feelings, but without the wait. The support sheet will help you plan your day full of stroking, porn, audios (and one from me is already there), and toys. Use this anytime you have a free day, or as preparation for a call. A denied man is so sexy to me!

My cock radio show with Ms. Phoenix December 18, 2015:

What happens when a Mistress and a Princess meet in Miami!

And yes, I was eating KALE salad (YUMMMM!) while coveting the pizza. Also, Ms. Phoenix did spend the night, but it was (MOSTLY) innocent! Enjoy the audio, and the sounds of Delia and Phoenix having a really fun girls’ night! I am the official kale whore, I suppose. And Ms. Phoenix enjoys champagne! This is fun you can really relate to!


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