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Enjoy some sexy audios, and check back frequently as I update often!

Audios to Enjoy:


My cock radio show with Ms. Phoenix December 18, 2015:

What happens when a Mistress and a Princess meet in Miami!

And yes, I was eating KALE salad (YUMMMM!) while coveting the pizza. Also, Ms. Phoenix did spend the night, but it was (MOSTLY) innocent!

Enjoy the audio, and the sounds of Delia and Phoenix having a really fun girls’ night! I am the official kale whore, I suppose. And Ms. Phoenix enjoys champagne!

This is fun you can  really relate to!

,,,and I used a selfie stick for the first time. I know we look sepia, but it was a new experience! Have fun!



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My Mistress With Ms. Constance November 2015:

Mistress Interview with Delia!!Get to know this sexy FemDom better.

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