Mistress to slave Truths

You know who you are. You are Mine. Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important. Without you as a submissive, I could not be Me as a Domme!

It is important for you to know how valued you are. Without your desire to serve me, to be mine, I could never have become your Mistress, Never could I have helped you to change and to grow.

This is all part of a dance, the D/s dance that we do so very well together. To do this dance, both partners have to feel trusted, valued, honored, and safe. That is the only way to grow together.

It was never my goal to mold you into something I had in my mind. This was not my vision. Instead, I guided you to become the bests part of you that you could become. I guided you to become who you needed to be for me.

And that person you have become is one of grace and beauty. I honor those parts of you.

Whether our times have taken us to images, writing passages, virtual worlds, imaginings, and places outside of ourselves, I have felt we were walking through all of those things together.

When hard times, dark spaces and places, and challenges have come up, I know that you looked to me to help you out of them and back into the light where everything feels right.

Things between us are often light and easy. Relaxed conversations feel like we are just friends talking. And we talk about so many different things!

Each conversation brings us deeper into knowing.

I think about times we speak and that D/s undercurrent runs so very deep. You feel submissive, slave, slut. You feel each of those feelings so deeply.

The amazing thing is that I can feel those things, and experience them with you.

As you are getting into deeper subspace, I can share it all, feel it all. Whether it is the beat of a song, a mantra, or just the repetition of breathing, those things are so connecting, and bring such a rush of feeling and energy. What else can I say but wow!

I want you to read this again, whenever you need to, and feel my presence with you.