Ms. Delia


Must Be 18+

You know who you are. You are Mine.

Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important.

Without you as a submissive,

I could not be Me as a Domme!


What is Guided Masturbation

Do you ever wonder about guided masturbation? Maybe it makes you curious and excited at the same time to think of a dominant woman controlling your stroking. As one who simply loves guided masturbation, one of the things I love to do is bring you to orgasm in ways you...

Plan Kink in 2020

Why Plan Kink In 2020 You need to plan kink in 2020. Maybe you have never called before, but are curious about a sexy session. If we've talked on the phone or you have been following my blog you already know that I can be an extremely naughty yet dominant mistress.  I...

Holiday Sex Toys

Do you find yourself needing holiday sex toy ideas? I am all about naughty kink toys, so I will share some fun ones with you. Maybe you wanted your...ummm...stocking STUFFED but were not sure what to put in it. I will help! First I will talk about some sex toys that...




Training Programs

If I’m not available when you’d like to place a call with me.

You can email me directly to set up an appointment.