Ms. Delia


Must Be 18+

You know who you are. You are Mine.

Collared, owned, valued, cherished. Important.

Without you as a submissive,

I could not be Me as a Domme!


Prostage Massage While Stroking

Prostate Massage while Stroking  You do know what the G-spot is, correct? It’s the area of spongy tissue just inside a woman's vagina that will drive women wild.  If properly stimulated, it can give women harder, stronger, and longer orgasms. Do you know that you have...

Sexual Healing feels good, doesn't it?  Did you know that regular sex, whether with a partner or yourself, has definite health benefits?  In fact, it can have the same benefits as regular exercise. Now, given the choice between the treadmill and an intimate evening, I say...

Mistress Vacation

This is an informational post that will be pinned to the top of this blog until I return home. Click below for newer posts!       Mistress is on Vacation Around this time of year for my birthday, I generally go on vacation. I will be away from September...




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