Do you enjoy spanking fetishes? Spankings make you feel both sexy and naughty. Ms. Delia enjoys roleplaying a naughty spanking scene. I find that I have a few favorite roleplay ideas that I enjoy discussing and weaving a spanking in. Men who enjoy spanking fetishes are some of Ms. Delia’s favorite slaves.

Delia Spanks a Naughty Student 800-356-6169Naughty Student Gets a Spanking After School

Imagine you have been naughty in class, and Head Mistress Delia informs you that you will be seeing her after school. You feel terrified. I assure you that this is not a detention but a special conversation. Ms. Delia pulls your hands behind your back and escorts you to her office, where she explains that you have done very naughty things, including talking back to your teachers, tardiness, and even skipping class.
Ms. Delia tells you that she must teach you a lesson, and she pulls out a paddle. Immediately you understand you deserve this, and are terribly embarrassed. She gives you five hard swats on your bare bottom, followed by five more. You remain mortified, as Ms. Delia informs you that there is no one around, so this is only the beginning of your punishment…..

Boss Delia spanks the lazy worker 800-356-6169Lazy Office Worker Gets a Spanking by the Boss At Work

You know it is your responsibility to finish that project by the end of the day, but you are so busy procrastinating and watching porn on your computer that you keep putting it off.  Knowing that you have to face the consequences, and the boss is so disappointed scares you! A hard spanking frightens you even worse since Delia is your boss and you are at work.
The office is empty, but you keep your eyes cast down when you walk into Delia’s office. She makes you bend over her desk and gives you a few swats with her paddle. Embarrassment overcomes you, and nervousness awaits you when she informs you that your punishment is over….for now.

Mistress Punishes Her Slave in the Dungeon

Mistress Delia spanks the dungeon slave 800-356-6169Your mistress has you tied up and in the spanking position. She has you bend over, and hits your naughty bottom with her paddle. You are so nervous because you have been a naughty little slave, but she is determined to punish you. Mistress will turn you into a good slut. She whips you as well because she knows that’s what you secretly desire. She wants you to feel the pain from the strap, and she wants you to know that she is in control.
Ms. Delia is professional during this spanking, and she does not give you a warm-up before she spanks you. You are terrified to look at her because you are sure she will only see anger in her eyes, and you are very embarrassed, but you are in heaven. Mistress knows you need this, perhaps more than even you know. I have a free spanking audio for you too!!

Research and Development at a Spanking Facility

Your job is to test out the most effective ways of spanking. Look at all of the machines and whips and paddles, and know you will be spanked all day long. You are bent over a table, and you must endure the tests that they put you through. Some are quite painful, but you know you must endure. A hard spanking is exactly what you deserve, and you know that this is the best job in the world. Your punishment will be given mercilessly, and so holding back tears, you endure every single spank!

Spanked by Ms. Delia 800-356-6169Ms. Delia Knows you Have Been NAUGHTY

Mistress Delia knows you have spanking fetishes and also need a spanking. She spanks you because she knows spankings can be both punishing and healing at the same time. As you lay across Mistress Delia’s lap, I know you will feel a sense of anticipation mixed with fear. The thought of My hand striking your bare bottom can send shivers down your spine, and with each strike of My hand, you will feel more focused and determined to do better.
Eventually, the spanking will come to an end, and after, as you stand before Me, you will feel lighter somehow, as if a weight had been lifted from you.
This is why you should always Beg for Mistress Delia and tell me you have been naughty and NEED a spanking.