Leg Fetish Mistress Delia 800-356-6169Do you have a leg fetish or sexual attraction to a woman’s bare legs? Crurophilia is the sexual fetish for legs. The sight of a woman’s bare legs or a woman’s legs clad in sheer stockings arouses men with this fetish.
I recently got an email from a man with a leg fetish. He wrote, “Ms. Delia, I have a leg fetish. I’m basically a leg-obsessed guy. A woman’s legs pique my interest more than any other part of her body, and the majority, if not all of the sex-related activities I fantasize about involve legs. All I think about is rubbing, caressing, licking, and touching a woman’s legs.”

How common is a leg fetish?

Estimates suggest that between 12 and 20 percent of men, the majority of whom are heterosexual, have a leg fetish. A leg fetishist can enjoy touching, rubbing, and kissing the legs of a woman, and can also be aroused by the look of a Leg Fetish Mistress Delia 800-356-6169woman’s legs either naked or in stockings.
Most men with a leg fetish prefer women with long, lithe, toned legs, though form preferences can range from thick and curvy to sporty and muscular to thin and delicate. It really just depends.

What is Most Exciting about Legs?

The allure of a leg fetish is rooted in seduction. Just think of the simple act of a woman crossing and uncrossing her legs. Walking, running, dancing, yoga and any movement of the legs can capture a man’s attention. And I will say I love to addict men to worshipping my legs.
Additionally, the taut surface area of a woman’s calves, thighs, and ankles creates a mouth-watering visual feast. A man with a leg fetish can be turned on by the mere sight of a woman’s legs…if she is wearing stockings or if her legs are clad in some other form of covering.
Leg Fetish Mistress Delia 800-356-6169
A man with a leg fetish will care about the types of clothing that a woman’s legs are covered with. We all know that yoga pants and leggings can be skin-tight and show off the legs. Bare legs may make some men squirm. I personally love to tease men with my legs when I have them covered in sheer, beautiful stockings.

Ways to Worship a Woman’s Legs

You need to worship the legs of your Mistress! Rub her ankles for a few minutes, then move to her calves, then to her thighs. Alternate between three or four different spots in her thighs. Also alternate between the inner, outer, and back of her thighs. Caress the skin of her thighs and legs with the tips of your fingers. Use the softest part of your fingers to touch her skin. Caress the skin of her legs and feel how very aroused you get!

Leg Fetish in the Virtual World!

Leg Fetish Mistress Delia 800-356-6169

Ms. Delia is in the Virtual World, and I love to have my legs worshipped there. Playing there will have your avatar interacting with mine and touching my legs exactly the way I love them to be touched. There are so many ways to interact and also for me to tease you in the virtual world. Maybe one day you can be on your knees at Ms. Delia’s feet worshipping my legs so perfectly.
Remember to always BEG for Mistress Delia and confess all your naughty kinks and fetishes to me.