Ms. Delia’s Closet

I LOVE coordinating outfits, lingerie, shoes, jewelry and more!

So I was thinking I could give you a peek into Ms. Delia’s Closet so you could get a sense of my fashion style.

Come and take a peek in my closet. I will show you my sexy things, describe why I love those items, and help you to understand fashion through my eyes. And know if you have questions, you can absolutely ask me about any of the items in my closet, and I can help you to choose and find and coordinate a look you love!

Naughty May Offerings






















Naughty April Offerings

PinkBustierSet - Copy


RedBraShorts - Copy


BlueTeddy - Copy


TanDress - Copy


PinkAndRedThongs - Copy


BaywatchSuit - Copy



Naughty March Offerings

SnakeDressComplete - Copy

This vampy dress hugs every curve of your body! The black wig was extra fun for me to sex it up!

DeliaGGold1Complete - Copy

This gold set shows three panty options! It is so easy to switch between the bottoms to make a different look!

FloralTeddyComplete - Copy

I think this floral teddy is beautiful, sexy, and fun. It evokes feelings of naughtiness and feels great on the skin.

PinkSoftSetComplete - Copy

This pink lingerie set is a favorite of mine! I can’t believe how soft and pretty it really is. It’s fun to be feminine!

RedBlackSetComplete - Copy

Hot and sexy perfectly describes this naughty red set with black accents. Crotchless panties with a tiny pocket! HOT! 

TanAndBlueComplete - Copy

These pieces coordinate so well. They all are basic, but when paired together, they give different looks and feelings. 

BlackLaPerlaComplete - Copy

This black set is so luxurious, and the La Perla panties were not original to the set, but are a very sexy add in!

2SoftSetsCompleted - Copy

These two soft sets can highlight feminine curves, and also hide panty lines when tight pants or dresses are worn.





Ms. Delia’s Other Lingerie Favorites.

Remember to talk to Ms. Delia about lingerie items you love, and let me know what you would love to coordinate! I am always happy to help!


2016-02-02 22.05.24 - Copy 2016-02-02 22.06.16 - Copy 2016-02-02 22.07.53 - Copy 2016-02-02 22.17.54 - Copy2016-02-02 22.14.36 - Copy 2016-02-02 22.17.34 - Copy  2016-02-02 22.20.04 - Copy purple


Bras and Panty Sets in My Closet

Not everything has to match or be the exact color. Sometimes you can easily coordinate one solid piece and one patterned piece. These are some of my favorite pieces. See what you like, and I can always help you to coordinate or talk about what you like!

Black Chantelle - Copy

Chantelle set is beautiful.

Grey VS - Copy

This Grey Set shows how a patterned Victoria’s Secret panty can be coordinated with a solid bra.

Black and White - Copy

It is always easy to mix neutral colors like this Black and White set. This pretty panty makes it so sexy.

Pink and Lace - Copy

This Pink and Lace set is lacy and luxurious! It feels luscious


Tan Leopard - Copy

This Tan Leopard  bra is made for the leopard panty.

Pink with Black Accents - Copy

This Pink with Black Accents set can also be matched with a sexy or simple black panty.

Tan Chantelle - Copy

This Tan Chantelle set is delicate and beautiful with a tone on tone lace overlay and sexy panty!

Pink Push Up Set - Copy

This Pink Push Up Set is now owned by a special sissy. Don’t you just love the frilly panties? I do!

Coordinating outfits and lingerie is very sexy and in fact it is also simple to do.

You can certainly use these pictures to help you understand how to mix solids and patterns to create a look that is so unique to you.

Whether you are wanting panties for yourself or to give as a gift to that special someone, these pictures can help you to find your style.

Anytime you want, feel free to ask me about these pictures or fashion, and I will be happy to help you decide on what would work for you!