Mistress Delia’s Cum Recipes

These recipes were all created by a fantastic cum eater and me! Working together over many years, we have turned food and cum into some amazing dishes, each one eaten by this amazing cum eater!
Chocolate CUM Cake turned into CUM Pudding! – Take a slice of chocolate cake, several saved cum loads in a glass. With a fork dunk bite-sized pieces of chocolate cake in the glass. Fill the glass with as much cake as possible. If CUM spills over the side lick it!. Stir the cake/CUM concoction until it is a smooth pudding-like consistency. Add a fresh squirt CUM load! Stir again. Eat with a spoon and enjoy! Clean out all the CUM pudding in the glass with a finger and lick! So tasty!
Pudding and CUM Cookies Mashup! – a small bowl of pudding, 5-6 cookies. Drop cookies in pudding stir and mash the cookies partially, shoot a fresh load of CUM in the bowl, stir or just eat with the CUM off the top!
CUM Jizzled Pancakes! – A warm stack of freshly made pancakes, butter, syrup, saved and fresh CUM.  Drizzle a fresh stack of pancakes with several saved CUM loads (referred to as jizzle or jizzling), syrup and butter. Squirt a nice warm fresh load of CUM on top of and in between pancakes, eat with a fork and enjoy!
CUM Soaked Vanilla Wafers!  4-5  wafers, saved CUM Drop nilla wafers in saved CUM until they are soft and CUM-squishy on the outside but still firm and crunchy on the inside. Pop ’em in your mouth and eat!
Whipped Creamy CUM! – a cup of saved CUM, a cup of whipped cream. Jack-off into the saved CUM, stir, dip the spoon in CUM then whipped cream and enjoy!
PeaNUT BUTTER CUM Cups – several mini peanut butter cups, saved CUM. Slightly hollow out or press indentation in the center of peanut butter cups, pour saved CUM into each and eat! 
CUMMY Marshmallows in Jizzy Glaze! – a cup of marshmallows, several saved or freshly squeezed CUM loads. Take a spoonful of mini-marshmallows, dip in a cup of CUM until marshmallows are glazed and glistening in CUM and spoon is full, spoon into the mouth and chew!
CUM Cereal! – A bowl of your favorite cereal in milk, CUM – Jack-off and shoot a fresh load of CUM into cereal, eat with a spoon, enjoy!
My cum recipe eater says:
I love CUM!  I want to eat all of it all the time! I want to eat all the cum in front of you! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! CUM! 
I LOVE the enthusiasm! Enjoy eating cum for me!