I have been teaching my submissives the art of tease and denial for many years. Tease and denial are powerful tools in BDSM play, and they can help cultivate an intense level of pleasure and arousal. As a Mistress, I take great pleasure in teaching my submissives the ways of tease and denial, and today I will share with you five of my favorite techniques that I use. With each of these techniques, you may not cum, but you are welcome to try them all!

Teasing with Edging

Teased by Mistress Delia 800-601-6975

Edging is a form of tease and denial where I will bring my submissive to a heightened level of arousal, then quickly bring him down with a slap, a cold splash of water, a change of movement, or a simple command to STOP!

For example, think of this: I could start by lightly running my hands over your body, teasing you with my breath, whispering in your ear, and then, when I feel you have reached a certain level of arousal, I could suddenly stop my stroking and abandon that cock, give that cock a naughty slap, change the lighting or the music, or even give a simple command like “NO!” to abruptly bring you back down from that edge.

When I am edging a man, I love to watch his cock throb and pulse for me after each edge. Edging is something I could do to a submissive for hours upon hours until his moans and pleas got me off. And yes, that has happened. 

 Tease and Denial with Pleasure and Pain

The second technique that I use is to combine pleasure and pain. This is a classic tease and denial technique where I will deny my submissive any sexual Teased and Denied by Ms. Delia 800-601-6975satisfaction or release, and the bit of pain is a sexy add-in while I give intense strokes to your cock.

This involves creating an atmosphere of pleasure and pain for the submissive. To do this, I might use a feather to lightly tease and caress my submissive’s body, while at the same time, I might use a whip or a paddle to create an intense sensation of pain. The combination of pleasure and pain will create an intense level of arousal and pleasure in the submissive.

The denial can be done in a variety of ways, such as by denying the submissive any touching or orgasms, or even by denying any verbal or physical contact. For example, I could start by teasing you with light touches and easy strokes, slowly working up to more intense stimulation, but then denying you any release at all.

Psychological Tease and Denial

The third technique I use is to create psychological discomfort for the submissive. Psychological tease and denial is a technique where I will use my submissive’s psychology against them to create an intense experience.

This could be done by using certain words or phrases to create a sense of anticipation or anxiety, or even by using mental images or fantasies to increase their arousal. Maybe you have a masturbation block and need masturbation encouragement.  I could start by whispering in your ear, describing certain fantasies or scenarios to them, or even using my voice and body language to create a sense of anticipation and excitement.

Tease and Denial with Mistress Delia 800-601-6975This kind of play allows the submissive to escape from reality, push through blocks, and create a heightened sense of arousal, all the while allowing Ms. Delia to deny that cock and build the ache!

Tease and Denial with Toys

The fourth technique I like to use is to use toys. I have a variety of toys that I can use in tease and denial play. This includes vibrators, dildos, and other types of sex toys. I LOVE sex toys!

Using these toys can help to create an intense level of arousal and pleasure in the submissive. For example, I might use a vibrator to tease the submissive’s body and bring them to the brink of orgasm, and then deny them the pleasure of orgasm.

Do you have toys I can play with or that I can remotely control? Adding toys to teasing and denial play can actually give Mistress more sexy control over your body.

Timing for Tease and Denial

Tease and Denial with Mistress Delia 800-601-6975Time delay is another tease and denial technique where I delay my submissive’s gratification for a certain period of time.  Did you know the longest teasing session I ever did spanned over 14 hours? Every hour on the hour for an entire day, I made my subby hubby Jack come over to me and recieve one edge. No matter what we were doing, I edged him at the top of every hour from 8am to 10pm!

For example, I could make my submissive wait until I say they can experience pleasure, or until they have finished a certain task or chore.

This allows me to control the level of pleasure and arousal that my submissive experiences, and can create an intense and powerful experience of tease and denial.

These are just a few of the tease and denial games and techniques that I use for tease and denial play. I hope that this has given you some insight into the art of teasing and denial and that you can use these techniques in your own practice.

Remember, tease and denial techniques are powerful tools that Ms. Delia loves to use against her submissives during a sexy teasing session which can create an intense experience of pleasure and arousal.

As always, practice safe and consensual BDSM play and BEG for Mistress Delia to tease and deny you.