Do you enjoy JOI? If you do not know what that is, let Ms. Delia tell you. JOE or, Jerk Off Encouragement, and JOI, or Jerk Off Instruction celebrate male masturbation during the best month of Masturbation May. You know Ms. Delia most enjoys cock control, but I wonder if you have ever had a Mistress encourage you to masturbate? How about a Mistress Instructing you and telling you exactly what to do and how to do it? I like both so let’s explore both sexy ways.

Masturbation May is Best for Masturbation Instructions and Encouragement!

We have LOTS of amazing things going on for Masturbation May which is focused on cock control and jacking off! Check them all out below!

Masturbation May

Jerk-Off Encouragement from Ms. Delia 800-356-6169Jerk Off Encouragement (JOE)

Jerk-off encouragement can be useful for men who have fallen into a boring masturbation routine. Typically Mistress will cheerlead and tell her stroker pet to continue masturbating. I like having a man use lube and a cock ring. I want you to experience so much sensory pleasure. Add some extra excitement to your masturbation routine!
Ms. Delia’s goal will be to coax and charm you into stroking your cock, and I will challenge and command you to masturbate even more and keep it going. Ms. Delia Knows jerk-off encouragement can be so intense and can take the boredom away from you your regular masturbation routine! It can be very healing to have a woman celebrate and accept your masturbation. You’ll feel affirmed.

Jerk Off Instruction (JOI)

Masturbation Instructions from Ms. Delia 800-356-6169First off, let’s define JOI. Jerk off instruction is different from encouragement. JOI can take many forms. Mistress Delia truly enjoys instructing her slave when he can cum and when he cannot. I like to tell you what, where, when, and how to masturbate during a call, but there is so much more to JOI than just that!
Typically, Mistress Delia loves to tell you exactly HOW to masturbate even down to the tempo of each stroke. Think of it as micromanaging your cock! I could also tell you to get on cam and instruct you that way. Part of JOI can even be Mistress telling you what I am doing while you are masturbating. Have you ever heard of the stroking number line? Ever use a metronome when masturbating? How about sharing porn? These are just a few things jerk-off instructions can give you!

JOI And JOE Parties

I enjoy double-teaming you with Mistress friends to instruct or encourage you! More Mistresses can amp up the excitement! One thing I enjoy is passing the penis. You select as many Mistresses as you want to instruct you and then have a 10-minute call with each. It is highly erotic. You will be instructed differently by each and will not have the opportunity to orgasm until the last call.
If you want to have a jerk-off encouragement party I recommend a multiple Mistress call. With more than one of us on the line, you will have many Mistresses cheering you on in their own way. Each Mistress will bring her own special twist to the call and will delight in your masturbation.

Here’s why You Need a Mistress to Help You Jerk off.

You will feel so much better when you hear a Mistress encouraging you to masturbate! For me, nothing is sexier than a man who is willing to be vulnerable enough to share his masturbation. Intimacy is a very beautiful thing.
Are you struggling to get through a weak moment of self-doubt when you are masturbating? Do you want to be instructed and directed into your own sexual bliss? Masturbation is such a meaningful and intimate act. I want to help you explore your masturbation.
You see, it is not your fault that you have let yourself become bored or have developed an unfulfilling masturbation routine. Mistress Delia instructs and encourages you because I understand that sex and intimacy are complex emotions, and I want to guide and help you.
Remember to beg for Mistress Delia to instruct and encourage your jerk-off session.