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Halloween Blog Train Tease and Denial

In the quaint town of Enchantrix Empire, nestled deep in the heart of a mystical forest, Halloween was a night like no other. The townsfolk eagerly awaited the annual festivities, filled with magic, costumes, and laughter. But this Halloween, a group of curious men would find themselves in the midst of an eerie Spooky Ms. Delia Halloween 800-356-6169and inexplicable encounter.

Five lifelong friends, Bookie, Jack, Forrest, Eddie, and WD had decided to spend Halloween night doing something out of the ordinary. A fantastical tale of a haunted mansion had been told in Enchantrix Empire and they wanted to find it.

With lanterns in hand, they ventured into the magical forest that bordered their town, seeking this legendary haunted house said to appear only once every year, in a far-off secluded corner of the woods..

As they wandered deeper into the forest, the trees seemed to close in on them, casting eerie shadows and whispering secrets that only the bravest dared to hear. The men were brave, and let nothing stop them on their quest.

Finding The Haunted Mansion

They finally stumbled upon an ancient mansion, its facade covered in ivy and shrouded in an unnatural mist. The mansion was lit up and looked inviting.  “It Haunting Ms. Delia 800-356-6169doesn’t look too scary! Let’s go in.” Bookie said. The rest agreed and they walked up the stairs to the front door.

With trepidation, they entered the mansion, and the door slammed shut behind them, sealing their fate. “This house could use some fixing up,” Jack said as the air grew icy, and candles lining the walls flickered to life,  Forrest and WD stayed quiet and explored.

Eddie exclaimed, “Let’s go and find the haunted rooms that the stories are about!” The men wandered for a few moments, checking each room for something haunted-looking, until they came to a small back room.

A lantern in the center of the floor was illuminating a grand, but hauntingly decrepit room. In the center of the room, they discovered an ornate circle etched into the floor, and without thinking, they took their places within it.

Mistress Delia Appears to the Men

Suddenly, a spectral figure of Ms. Delia materialized before them, her hollow eyes staring into their souls. her finger pointed to the center of the circle where a large cock being stroked by a ghostly hand appeared from nowhere,

Haunting Ms. Delia 800-356-6169Holding a small crystal ball in her hand, pointing it at the men, she commanded “Stroke!” while scowling at them. As the command left her lips, the friends felt an irresistible urge to stroke their cocks. Much as they did not want to,

They unzipped their pants and took out their cocks. They could not stop themselves and began to stroke, slow and rhythmic, and the ghostly figure grinned wickedly, her Femdom power felt by them all.

Try as they might, the men could not stop stroking. Their hands seemed to move of their own accord, and their pumps grew faster and more frantic. Panic welled up within them, but their bodies remained trapped in this sinister rhythm of a tease and denial frenzy.

Hours passed, and the men’s stroking caused them to moan and wail. Why? In this circle, they could not cum but only stroke. Their frustrated moans grew louder and more frenzied.

Sweat poured down their faces, and their hands throbbed with pain, but they were powerless to halt the relentless teasing torments. Ms. Delia fed on their fear and exhaustion, her laughter echoing through the haunted room.

Endless Tease and Denial Continues

As the night wore on, the men’s strength waned, and they feared they would be trapped in this cursed room forever, their hands forever locked in a ceaseless stroke. Desperation filled their hearts.

Haunting Ms. Delia 800-356-6169Just when it seemed all hope was lost, a sudden burst of courage surged through Bookie. With every ounce of his willpower, he broke free from the rhythmic stroking and reached for his lantern. In a desperate act, he flung the lantern at the ghostly Delia figure.

The lantern shattered upon impact, and a blinding light filled the room. The ghostly Delia howled in agony, her form dissipating into smoke. The room grew still, and the stroking ceased. The men collapsed to the floor, gasping for breath.

The Curse is Broken!

They had broken the curse that held them captive in the haunted room. Weak but triumphant, they stumbled out of the mansion and into the forest, vowing never to speak of their harrowing Halloween night again.

Forrest, WD, Bookie, Eddie, and Jack made their way back to Enchantrix Empire, they couldn’t help but wonder what dark magic had ensnared them in that room. They knew one thing for certain: Halloween in their town would never be the same, and they would forever carry the chilling memory of the endless stroking with them as a reminder of the mysteries that lurked in the heart of Enchantrix Empire.

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Haunting Ms. Delia 800-356-6169