If you have been masturbating the same way for a long time, you may find masturbation a bit boring and may wonder do you need a masturbation Mistress. That’s why I am here to coach you and tease you and help you to enjoy your orgasms more than you actually thought you ever could. Remember, Ms, Delia loves when you beg for Mistress, and while I love Denial December, maybe you might just need some fun! The nice part is, today, December 3rd is my Mistress Day and I have some special things for you!

Do You Need Self-Care During the Holiday Season?

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800-356-6169Think of masturbation as self-care, because let’s face it, getting off feels good and releases those yummy chemicals like dopamine into your brain, It just leaes you feeling great. And think about it…nights are longer so what better way to fill up your nights than thinking of Ms. Delia and working through a set of sexy assignments that I make for you. Think of the edging, the denial, the days of chastity and deprivation and how that can turn into orgasmic bliss when you focus on the work that I give you to do. You know Ms. Delia loves to tease and tease, then deny or delay. But sometimes an orgasm is necessary and you certainly can think of it as self-care!

Do You Love Getting Presents for the Holidays?

While an orgasm is a lovely gift, I feel like an infomercial when I tell you, “But wait…there’s more!” Believe me, I really mean it. LDW has so much to give you this festive month! We can start with me, of course! Ms. Delia has a special audio store audio today for anyone who calls me. Just ask me about it! It is yours, FREE! Head to my page at PhoneSexAudios and see what makes you hot. Maybe it is my Week of Guided Masturbation, some Sissy Cheers, or even a bit of sexy humiliation. Just let me know the one you want during or after our call, and I will have it sent to you!

But wait, there’s more…

That’s right! All December long, LDW is giving you some special presents!  You can go right to The Daily Cock and check out the fabulous calendar Mistress Becky has made for us all! It is wonderful and outlines all the sexy gifts and perks you get. Think about Calls and Balls on Sundays. Extra promo points. 2 Mistress calls for the price of 1 Mistress, And the Mistresses on the calendar are giving away free things too, just like I am.

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800-356-6169Do You Want to Find Out How to Give Gifts to Me?

I am so happy you asked. I know every year everyone here special to me asks how they can send me a sweet gift. That makes my heart sing! You know that last year, we stopped sending gifts to the office. This year is all about gift cards. I absolutely LOVE gift cards. The best way to spoil me is seriously to send me a gift card. As cliche as it is, Amazon is great because I can get everything there from high heels to sexy dresses to protein powder and even sex toys. Any store is good as long as you use my email: Delia@enchantrixempire.com as the recipient email and let me know you will be sending an e-gift so I can be on the lookout!

Masturbation is Necessary During the Holidays

Think about the calendar and all the gifts on it for you, and you will agree that the LDW Mistresses agree that you need to have some sexy fun during the darkest days of the year. Now, remember, we did not say you could cum, but we will maybe get to that in the New Year! Ms. Delia loves to tease you, edge you, delay you, and deny you until you beg for mistress because your balls are so very blue! This is why I am giving you a free audio store audio today only if you call me and beg so sweetly for it. It will be yours! Do you want it? Oh just ask…NO…BEG for Mistress Delia and you’ll get it.