What Is a Cuckold Fetish?

A cuckold fetish is a sexual fetish that involves a person being sexually aroused by the idea of their partner having sex with someone else. This is also known as “hotwifing.”  Cuckolding is a very sexy power exchange between the couple and the bull. The cuckold enjoys being in a submissive role, while the “hotwife” is in a dominant role. The bull provides all the sexual pleasure. 

Two Cuckold Mindsets

The first mindset is when the cuck feels inferior and worthless and the hotwife resents him for his shortcomings. Typically, the couple engages in sexual activities with each other where the husband takes on more of a servant or “fluffing role”. The cuckold enjoys feeling inferior and humiliated while their partner’s desires are being fulfilled by someone else. Most importantly, the hotwife enjoys the thrill of having someone else fulfill her desires.

The second mindset stems from a desire to see one’s wife experience pleasure. This is not rooted in humiliation and is often tender and caring. Typically the husband would realize his shortcomings and would assist the wife in finding more pleasure for herself. This is more a selfless act than a humiliating one. Sharing sexual fantasies and exploring different sexual scenarios. It is a consensual activity between the wife and her cuckold. 

How to Start the Cuckold Fetish

Starting a cuckold fetish can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The first step is communication. Before engaging in any activities, both partners should discuss their desires and boundaries. This will ensure that both partners understand each other’s expectations and are on the same page.

Once the conversation is had, the couple can decide what kinds of activities they are both comfortable with. This could involve bringing in a third party to participate in sexual activities, watching each other engage in sexual activities with a third party, or role-playing different cuckold scenarios. Welcome to the cuckold life! It is important to remember that cuckold fetishism is consensual, so both partners should always agree on the activities.

Common Cuckold Fetishes

There are many different types of cuckold fetishes, and couples often explore a variety of scenarios. Here are some of the most common cuckold fetishes:

Delia and Jack– Voyeurism: Watching your partner engage in sexual activities with someone else. This is usually done from a distance, such as through a window or with the help of a spy camera.

– Cuckolding: This is when the cuckold watches their partner have sex with someone else, often with the cuckold’s permission.

– Hotwifing: This is when the hotwife has sex with someone else, often with the consent of the cuckold.

– Stringing: This is when the cuckold and the hotwife are in a relationship, but the cuckold does not know that the hotwife is also having sexual relationships with other people.

– Staging: This is when the couple stages a scene in which the cuckold watches the hotwife being pleasured by someone else.

– Role-playing: This is when the couple engages in role-playing scenarios in which the cuckold is in a submissive role while the hotwife is in a dominant role.

– Fantasy play: This is when the couple engages in sexual fantasies, often involving multiple partners.

Enjoy your cuckold fetish!

I am sure you have had MANY signs you were a cuckold! Ms. Delia wants you to enjoy this cuckolding whether you are in it for the intense sexual humiliation or if you really and truly understand your wife deserves more pleasure and you selflessly hope to bring that to her. Whether you are a fluffer or a silent and secret observer, always remember to Beg for Mistress Delia and confess your cuckold fantasies to me!