I know that you do need to submit to a Mistress. And though I have been away for a bit of time, I am more than happy to announce that I am back. I have missed my subs, slaves, sissies, and naughty toys! Have you all missed me? Well, I’ve missed all of you begging for your Mistress’ attention and favor.

Things We Miss When We Can’t Be Together

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800-356-6169I will say I missed being able to tease and torment you masturbators with my excellent and practiced methods of cock control. Dressing up my sissies in style with panties, bras, and stockings has been on my mind. I have craved taking my subs over my knee and turning those pale white asses red with my hand, paddle and hairbrush.

Chastity slaves? Oh, I have missed keeping your keys, while your cocks are locked up in those shiny metal chastity cages, missed having you beg for Mistress to give you pleasure only I have the power to grant you. Butt sluts, have you missed my strap-on? You can always call and beg for Mistress to slam it balls deep into your tight little hole.

Let’s not forget my cuckolds. I know how badly you want to beg Mistress to allow you to watch while I get the real cock I’m craving. Or would you rather beg me to allow you to fluff my bull beforehand? Then again, you of you cucks don’t want to see me with a big, black bull. Oh no, you want to beg for Mistress to seduce your wife or your girlfriend and take her away from you right in front of you!

You NEED To BEG for Mistress

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800-356-6169That really is what I’ve missed the most – you begging for Mistress in general. Hearing you plead with me for just the slightest touch of Mistress’ hand. Listening to you moan and whimper as I tease you right to the edge of orgasm, then laugh as I tell you “No.” and deny you the release you are so desperately craving.

Having you beg Mistress to put you in panties and a bra, bend you over, and peg you until you are begging – for what though? Are you begging me to stop using you as a whore? Begging for more cock? Begging to be allowed to spew your load all over the floor? To be completely honest with you, it’s not what you are begging me for that gets me hot, wet, and thoroughly aroused. It’s just that you beg for Mistress.

Knowing how badly you want to serve me, how badly you want to be my good slut, how you will beg me for anything and everything that really send me over the top and into Domme space. That is the feeling that I have missed so, so much while I have been away.

The thought that I have complete control over you and only I control your pleasure and release.


Things To Do Now That We Are Back Together Again.

Masturbation Mistress Delia 800-356-6169Well, I want you to beg for my attention and my control. As a reminder though, here are a few of my favorite things:

Cock Control– yes, beg me to control MY Cock – I mean, it may be attached to you, but it is mine!
I can tease it, deny it, or maybe I’ll ruin it. I can lock it up in a chastity cage and leave you frustrated and wondering when the next release might come – if it ever does!

Feminization – make sure you check my sissy blog, Fem Fabulous. I’d love to have you beg for Mistress to turn you into a fully feminized slut. Go check out my sexy feminization Blog!

Long training Program – beg for Mistress to turn you into the perfect slave, submissive, or sissy. I love engaging in long-term training programs, complete with email assignments and calls.

Two Mistress Calls – don’t just beg for a Mistress – beg two of us to use you, tease you and turn you into a slut!

If you really need to get an idea of what I enjoy, check out my audio store, and some of my older blog posts – like Delia’s 7 Labors.

You may beg for Mistress on nights and weekends mostly…but what I really like is appointments. See, if you make an appointment with me, it gives me time to plan out all the devious, evil, kinky things I am going to do to you. And that will just leave you begging your Mistress even more!