Have you ever wondered about Tantra? Like you, I look for ways to enhance sexuality. Tantra is a different approach to sex. I actually think of it as a sexy approach to sexual health and wellness. The practice of Tantra rids us of our egos and gets us in tune with kink and sexuality without shame or repression. I love to use a certain Tantric focus in BDSM scenes to enhance kink.

Tantric Focused Kink is Coming to Our Senses

“Coming to our senses” means becoming aware of so many things….our skin, the beating of our heart, our breath, everything we touch, see, smell, hear, and taste – especially the way we experience our own bodies.  It is the first step to erotic health.

Learning to let go of the noise in our heads allows us to bring our attention to our sensual, physical selves.  To truly experience the shape, texture, and movement of our bodies, to feel and savor your own aroused body. With it we can nourish ourselves and our partners, find new ways of being erotically creative and playful.

Tantric Focus Exercises

Tantric Focus exercises are a series of specific exercises.  They help you to become more aware, more focused, and sensitive.  This is a journey of quiet exploration, simply focus on the sensations.  Arousal is not your goal here, every part of your body should be honored equally.  You can use massage oil and be sure to keep warm.

Tantric Focus with Delia

Create a space that feels warm, welcoming, and sensuous.  Darken your bedroom, lay a soft towel on your bed, and warm your massage oil.  For the next 20 minutes, your only focus is you, your body, and how you feel. There’s no agenda, just let your hands wander.  As they do, start to notice. Allow yourself to enjoy the feeling without any expectations or preconceived ideas. This isn’t always easy, like meditation it is not easy to let go.  If you do, just redirect your thoughts out of your head into your body. If you want to touch your cock, go ahead! Just don’t attach an expectation of arousal to that touch.

Do this exercise at least twice, for twenty minutes on separate days.  Sharing this with a partner can really intensify the experience, I’d love to watch you on cam!

Ms. Delia is here to support you. If you are hitting any roadblocks or having an amazing breakthrough….share with me!  That is what I am here for.
Always remember to beg for Mistress Delia. We’ve just begun our journey.