I had the opportunity today to give a long overdue spanking today.  Dressed in a smart tweed black, white, and grey skirt, sexy black suede boots, a crisp white blouse and a black, double-breasted jacket, I was the personification of control!  This spanking made me stop and reflect on what steps I take to make a spanking all it can be and more.  It is so much more than physical!  I love getting into a person’s head, and having complete control.

First I make the spankee wait!

The anticipation always seems to start my cat and mouse game.  The spankee must use the time; say 15 minutes or so to reflect on why he is being punished! I find this adds to the feelings of embarrassment and humility.

I have the spankee get ready for me.

Today, I laid out a pair of white cotton panties for the spankee to wear. Just the act of waiting, then having to undress and put on such a feminine garment only added to the headspace!

I inspect the spankee!

I came into the room, and made sure to comment on every aspect that could have added to his punishment.  I did let my eyes and hands inspect every inch of his body. This kind of scrutiny served to prepare him even more!

I have a pre-spanking ritual.

This starts with kneeling in front of me and begging forgiveness. Next comes a kiss of sorrow to my boots.  I always act and speak as if I am spanking “for his own good,” which I feel adds to the shame, embarrassment and humiliation!

I take my time.

I touch and feel the spankee’s bottom quite a bit, and tell him what I am going to do to his naughty ass, including how red I will make it. I like psyching him up!

I start slow, and then get heavy!

When I start a spanking, I start softly and over the panty or undergarment, even over clothes if it happens that way.  Once the spankee is warmed up, I always spank the bare bottom! Strokes increase in intensity and force.

Sometimes a good spankee who does not cry may masturbate in the corner after I am done, with me watching on.

That was my afternoon!  How was yours?

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