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Stroker Spotlight

Team Masturbation

Team Masturbation

I had an AMAZING call last week with a caller I am just going to call “The Best Maturbator”, or TBM for short.  TBM and I have done a few guided masturbation calls in the past, and he has proclaimed his goal to become Ms. Delia’s Best. Masturbator. EVER!  Well, I took that as a challenge  -to make him the top 1% of the 1%, and he achieved that the other night!

The greatest masturbation call ever!

What a great team Ms. Delia and her stroker made. On the call prior to this, TBM was made to ruin his orgasm, and his balls ached and ached! But for this session, he knew if he could endure the edging he would be allowed to orgasm. For an hour and a half, he was teased, denied, and made to edge over and over so intensely while listening to Ms. Delia’s special masturbations audios.  To do this intense edging, TBM made love to his fleshlight, and had his boner squeezed so tightly while he jacked it. This stroker is so amazing with edging, teasing and controlling his boner! He will always be one of Ms. Delia’s best masturbators.  Finally, after 90 minutes I crowned him The Best Masturbator, and let him cum!  He exploded, and the moans were so primal and made me so hot!

Are you worthy for the challenge?

Think you can take away TBM’s crown?  It won’t be easy, I am an extreme cocktease, and I will take you to edge…and back…and to the edge…and back…over and over again.  The bar has been set at an hour-and an half, so you’re going to need to surpass that stroker.  Your balls will be blue and aching, and even if you can make it more than 90 minutes, I may decide you still aren’t the best masturbator and ruin your orgasm!  Don’t worry, you can always try again!