Would You Like To Kiss All The Way Up These Legs?

Would You Like To Kiss All The Way Up These Legs?

I Know Why Men Love Legs so Much

Do you have a leg fetish? I completely understand. Long, lean, toned, and graceful legs simply demand worship, don’t they? I bet you love watching a woman stride down a street, twirl on a dance floor, or cross and uncross right in front of you. Legs and ass moving so gracefully, so rhythmically it simply makes you crave them, need to get close to them, desperate to touch them.

Look at My Legs and Stroke

I want you to stroke for me while you stare at the picture here in this blog. That’s it, touch that cock while you stare.  Do you like my picture? How about my sexy panties starting right where my legs end?  I want my legs to turn you on and to make you crazy when you sit there stroking.  Look more at my toned and shapely legs, so creamy and smooth. You want to touch them, I know you do! Feel your heart begin to race, your cock begin to throb, and your mind begin to submit to me.

Teasing You with My Legs

I do like you so very much when you are begging to see more; to see up my skirt to get a peek of just a bit more leg. I want you to imagine being down by my feet, ordered to kiss your way up from my ankles to my calves to my thighs to me…STOP! You do not get to go further.

What would you do for such a sexy, sensuous session?  I want you to know that in a lovely leg worship session, I expect that sticky cum to be surrendered and presented to me on my gorgeous legs.

Maybe I will even let you lick that mess up!