Though I have described reverse cuckolding with Jack, I do have one HOT cuckold fantasy that is more “traditional” and truly gets me very horny, primal and so wet!

My Cuckold Fantasy

My Cuckold Fantasy

A Cuckold Fantasy

I am your beautiful wife, and you are my cuckold! I have the ability to tempt and tease and flirt with whomever draws my attention and sparks my interest. And you? Oh my! Well, of course you are with me, barely seen, mostly invisible to the men who approach me.

You sit dressed in a pretty pair of panties and matching bra under your male clothes. You shrink. Your chastity cage is hidden in your pants, and I wear the key proudly! I own you. As my cuckold husband, you never question or confront me or argue, because I am superior and I rule our home.

Cuckold Wife and Mistress

You wear both an eternity slave collar and a traditional wedding ring for me. I am a wife, a Mistress and a key holder. Each symbol, collar, ring, and chastity device is a physical representation of your true desire to follow, love, and serve me. Each complementary symbol I own is the representation of my true desire to lead, love, and own you.

Turned on Because I Have Lovers

From time to time, my sexual cravings extend beyond this marriage, and I yearn to go out and enjoy a lusty night with other men. You know and accept that I do need other lovers to satisfy my sexual needs.

When I come home, and you can smell the sex on me, I love to see the lust in your eyes almost immediately. You know my disheveled hair, my wrinkled clothes, and the wry smile on my face tell the story of one hot fuck. You can’t wait to get between my legs to lick up and eat that cream pie.

Did you want that cage to come off tonight? Lol. Maybe next time! Good cuckold!

Psst… Want to know a secret? I have a sexy secret I will blog about on Monday, so be sure to check back here. There may very well be some free phone fun for you…if you look!