Many of my callers ask if Jack can be involved in their session, and after talking it over with Jack – and more importantly, Ms. Ally, I’ve got a special offer for you, and YES it does include sessions with both me and sexy jack! You know you are curious.

Want to be cuckolded?

Sneak a peek into my Sessions with jack!

Sneak a peek into my Sessions with jack!

You’ve read the stories of how I cuckold some of my slaves with Jack as the Bull.  Want to be our cuckold?  Want to know what it’s like to get Jack fluffed for me, to suck on his beautiful cock?  I’m sure you do!  And I’ll bet you love listening while he fucks orgasm after orgasm out of me, while you sit there and stroke your pathetic, cuck cock.  Just remember, neither you nor Jack get to cum until I’m satisfied!

Want to tease Jack?

Well, you won’t get to tease him, but you can listen to me do it to him.  I remember how hot and horny everyone got when I did it a while ago in The Weekly Hotspot – right before I locked him in chastity!  I might even let you give me some suggestions on what to do to him!

Or Maybe Discipline Is Your Thing

Sometimes Jack can be a cheeky slut, and he needs to be disciplined.  Want to hear all the whacks and smacks as I give him an over-the-knee spanking or use my crop, flogger or cane to turn his ass nice and red?

The Details

First, all calls with Jack and Ms. Delia are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY so DO email me for a special time!  I have to get him properly warmed up, don’t I? Minimum of 30 minutes, you don’t think I’ll be satisfied in less than 30 minutes, do you? Once we set an appointment, you MUST be on time – 10 minutes late and your appointment will be cancelled and we’ll just start without you!  When you call in, tell the dispatcher you will be doing a call with both of us.  And lastly, you’ll be charged $4.25 per minute.