Want To Ruin Your Orgasm For Me?  I Know You Do!

Want To Ruin Your Orgasm For Me? I Know You Do!

How’s your Masturbation May Treasure Hunt going?  Just because I’m allowing you lots of orgasms now, doesn’t mean I will in the future.  Take poor Jack – I’ve decided Masturbation May for him means lots of ruined orgasms.  At least 3, sometimes more, for every full release he gets.  So, I’ve been trying out lots of different ways to ruin his cum!

Abandoned Orgasms Are So Boring

Everyone uses abandoned orgasms – stopping all stimulation just as you’re at the point of no return – to ruin them.  There are so many other ways to keep that cum inside your cock though.  Take scrunching or squelching.  It’s the same thing, just as your balls start to tighten up towards your body, just as you feel that spunk starting to boil out of your balls and you know there is no way you’re going to be able to hold back…squeeze!  If you squeeze your shaft right up under the head – that’s scrunching.  If you squeeze it right at the base, that’s squelching.  Either way, your orgasm will be ruined!  If you do it right, there won’t even be any jizz dribbling out, it’ll all stay in your shaft or deep in your balls.

Pull Or Slap It Down

This is actually two techniques, but they both involve some CBT, so let’s just say one of my favorite ways to ruin your cum is through some torment!  Have you ever noticed how tight your balls get, and how your ball sac pulls right up to your body just as your about to shoot that load?  Well, as you go over that edge, I want you to pull down on your sac – that’s it, give it a quick, hard yank!  That should stop your orgasm right in its tracks!  You can also slap it down, slap the head of that horny cock just as you’re about to spurt!

Thumbing Or Palming

I think you’d better just put your thumb over that cum hole.  I’ve discovered when I let sluts like you try palming your orgasm, you actually run your palm all over your shiny, sensitive cockhead – and that doesn’t ruin your orgasm, does it?  No, usually you shoot off even harder than usual!