Masturbation for Mistress Delia

A Sexy Fantasy Written Just For Mistress Delia

A Caller’s Fantasy

Did you read my Would You Rather Anal Edition post?  Most of you would rather I took your ass with a strap-on, but this particular caller sent me a comment and a whole fantasy that not only included an anal invasion from yours truly…but fun with Jack as well!

Preparing A Butt Bitch

As I lay on my back…legs high on your arms just above your biceps so they are up and spread. So vulnerable, submissive, wanton – waiting for the pressure of your always hard, always hard for me Femdom-cock.

Jack looking over your shoulder fondling your firm breasts, with one hand and stroking himself with the other, knowing that I am going to be swallowing him shortly and musing how you both made me your bitch.

(You know what’s wrong with this?  Jack would never fondle my breasts without permission…or stroke himself either!  So, let’s just make believe I’ve told him to do that, shall we?  And Jack must have been a very good slut, I’m letting him have a blowjob – even if it is from a butt bitch!)

 As you gently lean in to begin the pressure Jack gives you a deep wet kiss on your lips that take your breath away…your chest heaves with lust.   I can only wait as the pressure continues, as I think to myself I can’t take this cock, I can’t take both cocks.

Oh, but you will, won’t you bitch?

But i realize I have no choice…you smile back at me you command Jack, ”Go, feed our bitch that wonderful, big, thick cock.”

Spitroasting the Butt Slut

You continue to press forward and the moving of the bed as Jack is moving up to my face, somehow causes me to shift under you and spreads me even further.  As you tell me ”Relax and let it happen”,  I can only purr as I feel my ass open, stretch to the point of no return and I feel the head POP right in as I gasp.  You smile but my gasp doesn’t last long as Jack grabs my head, and i turn to see that big head looking right at me and it is driven, right into my mouth…..he smiles back at you and you both know the night is going as planned.

Make sure you check back next week to find out just what that plan is….