Tickle Fetishes are Real!

Ms. Delia I think I have a tickle fetish. I get rock hard when my girlfriend tickles me, even if she is not being sexual. Is this a fetish?

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I’d Love to Tie you up and Tickle you!

What is a tickle fetish? There is a term for it: knismolagnia.  Tickling is erotic! Some people just love to tickle and be tickled, and get turned on when they give or receive. Tickling can even lead to an orgasm even without sexual stimulation! Some are more turned on by armpit tickling, while others love torso and belly tickling, and then there is my favorite TICKLING THE FEET!

Why is Tickling so Erotic

Sure the brain is the largest sex organ, but I think the skin runs a close second! The skin is likely the most sensitive and erotic parts of our bodies. One touch in the right place can give goose bumps, and be totally sexual. Because your skin covers your whole body, there are plenty of fun bits to explore and stimulate and excite for a tickle slut!

Sexy Tickling Science

Tickling actually releases an amino acid in your brain that gives you a feeling of pleasure, excitement, and sometimes orgasm! How cool is that?  Also, your whole body can be ticklish! Tickling can be done on any part of the skin. (and for me I love to go after and tickle feet!) Ever notice how when you are tickled in one spot, other spots that are not usually ticklish can become ticklish, or the anticipation of tickling starting can make you burst out laughing?

Are you turned on by tickling or being tickled? Leave a comment or e-mail me your tickling fantasy!