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I allowed an orgasm experiment even though I often deny men. There was a fun question posed: What is more intense? A tight and tense (muscle squeezing) orgasm or one where the muscles remain loose and relaxed. WhackOffBoy did this guided masturbation experiment for me over two days. There were a couple of rules:

  1. 5 edges were required before each orgasm
  2. In the name of science, the same lube and stroke technique was used as a control

Orgasm Experiment Reporting

I have just completed the orgasm experiment, over both days. I stroked through to both orgasms, completing 5 edges on both days.

To keep it simple, I used the standard full fist grip stroking technique, going in an up and down motion, with a slight twist at the head.
I used a squirt of lube on my hand, and again onto the head (or glans)

To carry out this experiment, I was completely naked and standing in an upright position.

Orgasm Experiment for Ms. Delia

Orgasm Experiment for Ms. Delia

What He Found With the Orgasm Experiment

Day 1: The Tight & Tensed Up Orgasm.

As I stroked through into orgasm, I tensed up my entire body, making sure my butt cheeks were squeezed together, and my legs and arms were at my sides. (with one hand on my cock of course)

Quick Description:
Aggressive, Animalistic, Intense,

Key Sensations:
– Full body shaking during climax.
– Pulsing mainly through the head and upper parts of the cock.
– Animalistic moans, fast heartbeat, warm and sweaty during ejaculation.
– A lightning bolt of pleasure down the spine, and mainly through the center of the body.
– Fast and aggressive contractions in the butthole,
– Rapid spurts of cum at high volume. I think I managed to squirt around 5 ropes of cum.

Day 2: The Loose & Relaxed Orgasm.
As I stroked though into orgasm, I made sure I was breathing slowly. I tried to relax all my muscles as best I could, using a slight squat, to help open loosen my butt and the underside of my cock.

Quick Description:
Warm, full body experience. A deeper sensation through the body.

Key Sensations:
– Fewer, but Longer and slower spurts of cum.
– Orgasmic sensations all over the body.
– A deeper feeling around the balls, rather than the head.
– Weakening in the legs during orgasm.

Orgasm Experiment Personal Conclusion

I think I will stick mostly to the loose and relaxed orgasm, as I preferred the warmer sensation that ran through my body, compared to the more aggressive and intense “tight and tense orgasm”  Once again, thank you for allowing me to carry out this experiment, and for allowing me to release.

So Ms. Delia wonders what type of orgasm YOU might like if I allow one? Tense and tight, or relaxed and loose? Beg for Mistress Delia and give me a call to do an Orgasm Experiment and get orgasm instructions of your own!