I love when a guy asks me to help him eat his own cum! Are you curious about cum eating? Do you lose the urge after you cum, and NOT eat it? Well, that has got to stop! Cum eating and cum play are both very sexy things you can do to please your Mistress!

Slow that orgasm for Me

Eat Cum for Mistress Delia!

Mistress Helps you Eat Cum

Cum eating and cum play start with Ms. Delia while I am edging you. We always start with the precum as it leaks out of that cock. It is so neutral, and a bit salty so it is easier. Take this tip. Do not swallow all of the precum. I want you to let it coat your tongue and mouth. That trick helps you do some kinky cum eating and swallow the real load of cum.

ย Slow Teasing you To Eat Cum

I want you toย slowly stroke for me to maximize the amount of cum. I want you to edge at least five times, and then cum into a cup. Now we get into cum play. Step one: dip a finger in. Step two: put it on your lips and under your nostrils. Step Three: taste a drop of cum for me. Step Four: Take a couple fingers full and stroke with it. We are making a game out of cum eating!

The more you get used to the taste and smell of your cum, the easier it will be to eat it all for me!

ย Now Can I eat my Cum Mistress

I guess you do want to be a cum eater! Okay here is what you have to do. Save a load of cum from the morning or day before our call. Have it ready to go in a cup, shot glass, or on a plate. I will have you stroke and edge, and then ad you are going over that edge, you get all that cum in your mouth and swallow it!

Now between cum eating sessions, remember to Beg for Mistress Delia, and to do your cum play!