A Tease Pet’s Limit

Last week, I wrote about ruining a man forever with ruined orgasms, and then I had an interesting call the other night. A submissive stroker called me and wanted to find out just what his limits were in being teased, edged, ruined, and denied. YUM! That just spoke to my cockteasing bitch’s soul!

Ruined Orgasms and Cock Teasingr!

Ruined Orgasms and Cock Teasingr!

He wanted to be teased, brought to the edge and ruined, over and over, until he just couldn’t take it anymore. I was more than willing to help him with his edge and ruin fantasy!

It Wasn’t Just About Being Teased

He wanted a bit of CBT as well. His fantasy was about having his balls milked dry, but he wanted it to be difficult to actually ejaculate – like he had a diabolical choice – keep being teased, or have a somewhat painful orgasm. His chosen method of ruined orgasm was to have them squelched and scrunched. Well I decide to give him both, so we took one cock ring and slid it down to the base of his dick, and put another one right under his head. Any cum that managed to make it past the ring that was squelching the base of his cock would be trapped in the shaft by his scrunching ring.

Driving Him Mad With Desperation

Then it was just matter of guiding his masturbation. After every fifth edge, I’d ask him if he wanted to cum or be teased some more. I was impressed, he made it to 15 edges before he asked to cum. I took him right over the edge, and told him to let go. It was so hot, watching his cock twitch as he moaned and let out some soft screams as he tried to force that backed up spunk out of his swollen balls…and then seeing one, lone drop appear on his cock head! And then we just started again. He made it through 35 edges and 3 squelched/scrunched ruined orgasms before he said no more.

Then he begged me for a full release. I just laughed, and told him to lock his cock up in his chastity cage and call me in a week! Maybe I’d be in a more merciful mood then….