fetishes, Freaky Fetish Friday

You can stroke with opposite hands!

Changing hands for masturbation is a sexy and fun way to add to your masturbation routine. When you jerk off, have you ever done opposite hand masturbation or are you always jerking off with the same hand?  I bet you likely use the same hand.  If you’re a right handed guy, that’s the hand you use.  Vice versa if you’re a southpaw.  But, did you know you can get some unique sensations, a different kind of stroking if you do what Ms. Delia likes to call “off handed masturbation?”

Jerk To The Left

So, try using your non-dominant hand.  Most of you are going to be rightys, so start stroking with your left hand.  You can almost imagine it’s someone else jerking off your hard and horny cock.  Maybe you can even imagine it’s me running my warm, soft hands up and down your shaft.

Different Strokes

It just feels different, doesn’t it?  Your fingers and your thumb are just in the wrong spots aren’t they, not where they usually are.  I’ll even bet it makes you last logner, that it will be much more difficult to get to that edge…oh, and you will edge.  You know my rules stroker.  20  minutes of stroking or 5 edges, whichever takes longer.  And when you finally do get to the point of shooting that load?  Make sure you lick all that cum up for me afterwards!

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