This week I want to revisit the jelqing technique. I have had a couple of wonderful sessions recently where I taught a man to jelq. It was so very sexy teaching something new, and I do invite you to practice this exciting technique!

What Is Jelqing?

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Jelqing – some people also call it “milking”, but not Ms. Delia, I’ve got my own version of milking –  is an exercise that increases the blood flow through the penis.  That increases the internal pressure and causes micro tearing in the tissues inside the shaft which will be mostly repaired overnight, just like with any exercise! Now, if you overwork that prick, or don’t  take rest days it will cause problems.   And no one wants a cock that won’t work.  I mean, in every woman’s eyes, that’s the problem now, isn’t it?

How To Jelq

  1. First, wrap your cock up in a nice warm wet towel for 10 minutes.
  2. When time’s up, take off that wrap.  In my Masturbation Monday posts, I certainly talked about using an OK style thumb and forefinger grip at the base of your shaft, restricting blood flow, almost like you’re going to ruin an orgasm by scrunching it.
  3. Do that, and then and pulling this grip forward toward the head.
  4. Once that hand has reached the head, start with the free hand at the base continually milking that penis.
  5. Each stroke should take about three  to four seconds.
  6. Do that for 20 minutes.  But don’t you dare cum – we’re trying to make your penis into a  harder, thicker and BETTER cock!

And when you’re all done, wrap that cock back up again in a warm towel for 20 more minutes.  This will relax the tissues and make you feel so horny.