A Proper Teasing & Edging Session…doesn’t really start until you wish it was over!

If I’m teasing and edging you, and after the first 5 edges, you’re begging to cum, I know how insincere that is.  I mean, most of you can hit 5 edges inside of the first few minutes of our call.  Tell me, is that because you’ve been stroking for hours just waiting to call me?  Or is it because I’m such a sexy cocktease that I can get you off that fast?  Maybe you’re just a minute man, a premature ejaculator.  You can’t tell me that after the first five edges you wish it was over!

I will edge you over and over!

I will tease you & edge you over & over!

I Love The Begging

You know begging gets me all hot and wet, but it has to be sincere begging!  I will tease and torment your cock until you’re so desperate, you won’t even know what to beg for. I love cockteasing and driving you to desperation!

I’ll stroke that cock so softly and so slowly, that it will drive you mad trying to find that edge.  Or I can go fast and hard – two, maybe three strokes and you’re right there, aren’t you?  Maybe I’ll make you squirm in bondage while I rub my palm all over the head, so slick with your pre-cum.  Tell me, slut, do you wish it was over?

To Cum Or Not To Cum

That is the question, isn’t it?  I control that cock, so I get to say if, when and how it cums.  Maybe I should just leave you denied?  You told me it was too much, that you just wish it was over.  Oh, that wasn’t what you meant?  Did you mean a ruined orgasm?  I can bring you right to the edge, pump two or three more times…and let go!  Look at all that cum dribble out!  Oh, that wasn’t what you meant either?  Oh, you are a demanding little submissive aren’t you?  You really want a full release? Well…….


Chastity Instruction

Okay chastity slaves, you know you’re not getting any release at all, don’t you?  Of course not!  So, 3 stroking sessions per day, one hour per session, 10 second rest between edges.  We have to get those balls blue and achy all over again!