Painful, Humiliating Masturbation

This is a Ms. Delia Masturbation Fantasy. It IS Masturbation May, so I DO expect you to be orgasm free. I do know that you CAN’T hide when you mess up, so be prepared for punishing masturbation!!

First the Humiliation

DeliaRedFrameOh, you poor little stroker.  I told you not to cum, and I know how desperately you want to please your Mistress.  I stroked and stroked, bringing all my masterful cockteasing skills to bear…not that it was really that hard.  Oh, your cock was to be sure, but I knew it wouldn’t be very hard to coerce an orgasm out of you, no matter how you tried to hold it back.  I could have had you shooting that load in 20 strokes, but I just keep teasing you, letting you think you had a chance.  It must be so humiliating to know that not only can I control that cock, but I control your orgasms as well!

Then…The Post Orgasm Torment

Even after stream after stream of cum shot out of your cock, even after it had stopped pumping and spurting, I just kept stroking it.  One hand cupping those empty balls, the other palm rubbing over your cock head, slick with jizz.  That post orgasmic torment was too much for you; that cock so sensitive after that coerced orgasm,  I laughed as you squirmed and pleaded with me to stop…but we aren’t done yet.

Do You Want More Punishment?

You see, my addicted stroker, my cum slut, you will cum again for me.  You will cum again or I will punish you for not obeying me.  You have three minutes, so you’d better think the sexiest, kinkiest nastiest thoughts you can –  those fantasies that run through your head that are guaranteed to get you off.  Because, if you don’t, I will have to punish you. And, since it is your balls that aren’t cooperating, that’s the part of you I’m going to punish!