Cocksucker Training

It Starts With A Dildo

I’ve trained many of my submissives on how to suck cock.  Over the years, I’ve refined my training techniques.  I want to make sure that you’re ready to suck cock, and that when you finally have a real live rock hard cock in your mouth, you won’t embarrass yourself…or me!  So, we start out with a dildo.  Usually, we start out with you getting one, preferably one with a suction cup base and one that ejaculates.  I have you start by sucking on that fake cock, to get used to it, and to refine your technique.  How to stroke it, how to fondle and massage the balls, licking and kissing it, working up to deep throating.  And of course, having it cum and fill your mouth with warm cream that you are expected to slurp down!

Cocksucker Training

Cocksucker Training

Time To Strap It On

Having that dildo attached to a table or the wall is one thing, but now it’s time to see how you do with it on a real live person.  I strap-on my dildo and instruct you on the finer points of pleasuring that cock and the body it’s attached to.  There are other parts of the body to run your hands over while a cock fills your mouth!  Then, when I feel you’ve mastered the techniques, we do some gender bending role play.  I’ll dress up in a pair of jeans, a t-shirt some work boots, hide my long flowing hair underneath a ball cap and pretend I’m a man who needs to get off – and your mouth is the perfect place to leave my “deposit”!

Ready For Real Cock

It’s all about slowly getting you to the point where you are ready to suck a real cock.  I love using Jack for this, because I know exactly what makes his cock feel good!  So, I get down on the floor next to you, and instruct you in all the best ways to suck and tease him.  I want to make sure when he finally blows his load, you’ve got a big cum shot “cumming” your way!

If you have ever thought about sharing a cock, we could do a call with Jack, and I could share his cock with you! Ask me how!!