No Fireworks For My Stroke Sluts

Just Teasing And Edging

I’ve had a lot of fun the last few July 4th’s with you sluts.  I gave you your cock independence a few years ago, and let DeliaUSAyou cum as much as you wanted.  I gave you a Cock Stroker’s Anthem  another year – asking if you wanted to be free or brave.  One year, I even gave you a Red, White and Blue July 4th – red ass, white panties, and blue balls!  This year, there isn’t going to be any fireworks for you…just lots of teasing and edging!

Stroke For Me

That’s it, slut, get naked for your Mistress.  There are going to be many stroking sessions today, and you need to be naked for all of them.  Start by stroking slowly and softly, just tease that cock, for five full minutes.  Then we’re going to start with some interval training – cock sprints!  So stroke as fast and as hard as you can for 10 seconds, then slow and soft for 50, then hard and fast for 20, slow and soft for 40.  Add ten seconds to that fast and hard, and subtract ten seconds from that slow and soft, until you’re stroking at 50 fast and hard, and 10 slow and soft…then reverse it.

Edge For Me

How many cock sprints you have to do all depends on how quickly you edge and what time it is.  You see, I want you having a masturbation session every hour from the time you wake up until you go to bed.  You MUST start stroking as soon as you wake up…so if you wake up at 10:45, that’s the 10 AM stroke session, and you need to do it again at 11.  So every hour on the hour.  And, whatever hour it is, that’s how many edges I want.  So, if it’s 9 – I want 9 edges from you.  Then, lick up all that pre-cum and put your cock away until the next hour, your masturbation interval training is over for now.  Do you realize, if you wake up at 8, and don’t go to bed until midnight, that will be 128 edges for your cockteasing Mistress!