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Ms. Delia Demands Cum Eating

You will Eat Your Cum For Me

That, my slut, is how you’re going to show me just how devoted to me you are.  You are not going to shoot your cum all over my clean floors.  You certainly aren’t going to begformistress2deposit it on me!  And since I own you, your body will not be fouled with your jizz either.  So, to show your devotion, to show just how submissive you are, to show how I control your cock, you will always eat your seed.

Some Teasing First

Well of course we have to tease you!  What happens when I tease you, edge you and delay that orgasm?  Your balls get blue and achy, and why?  Because they’re churning away, building up even more cum.  Denial builds bigger loads, stroker.  And as your Mistress, don’t I deserve your biggest, creamiest, wettest load of jizz? Of course I do!

Tease Yourself For Me

Follow all my guided masturbation instructions.  Stroke just how, when and where I tell you to.  Feel those balls swelling with all that trapped spunk, just dying to get out.  And, when, after all those tormenting edges, after all that denial, when you feel as if your blue balls are about to burst…when I say “Cum”, I expect it to all end up in your hand.  When you’ve milked that last drop of spooge out of your tormented dick, when those balls are empty, then I expect you to lick it all up! A tribute, to me, Ms. Delia, your Cock Control Mistress.