Creating A Cum Eater

red-floral-dress-copyYou Get Hot Watching Women

I’m going to have you eating your cum for me.  Just imagine all this scene for a moment: Maybe you’ve gotten lucky and made out with a girl -or- you’ve been watching some hot lesbian porn most likely the hot lesbian porn! – all of a sudden you see that beautiful girl slide her fingers between her pussy lips, finger her clit, and taste her wet juices! Gets you even harder, doesn’t it?  Makes you super horny.   Well, when you eat your cum for me that makes me feel that same way! That kind of role reversal exchange is erotically exciting for me and it’s a mind-fuck for you!

Becoming My Kinky Bitch

I know how it is stroker.  You get to stroking your hard cock, and before you know it your fingers get wet from your leaking pre-cum and it’s that limit pushing thought of tasting your pre-jizz that makes you so horny you end up spewing your load and cumming all over yourself.  Well, that is if you’re not following my guided masturbation instructions, because you’d know I’d never allow you to cum that quickly!   The whole point is I want to be able to use your cock and the cum brewing in your balls as a way to please me. I mean, you’re lucky that you get to orgasm for me at all!

You Will Crave Cum

There are quite a few ways that I can lead you to becoming a cum eater. I can get you in a position with your legs back over your head, better to direct that load right into your mouth. I also have a few suggestions of where you can spurt your cum and clean it from. “You can’t believe you are going to do this” is what goes through your head, but trust me – I can push you to caving in and licking up all that creamy goo. I even enjoy giving you cum eating instructions when you are showing off for me on Skype webcam!

I look forward to having a coached cum eating session with you soon!