Chastity is not a Punishment

I think there are many sissies, and even some Feminization Mistresses, who look upon chastity as some type of punishment.  The belief seems to be that we are locking away your sissy clit because it is a sissy clit.  If you weren’t a sissy, it would just be a pindick.  Being as you are a sissy, it’s doubly useless.  First, it’s too small to provide any pleasure and second, you really want to pleasure cocks, not pussies.  So, for those reasons, and I’m sure many others, we need to punish you and lock it away?  That’s not why I lock sissies up.

Why Would I Punish You

A sissy should be locked in chastity all the time, and they should be dressed as much as possible.  I know that you can’t be in high heels and a skirt all of the time, but wearing panties should never be a problem!  Inside those panties, your sissy clit should always be locked in chastity.  It’s not about punishment.  Why would I punish you for accepting what you are?  A submissive, obedient sissy.  Encasing your sissy stick in a chastity cage is all about reminding you of what your purpose in life is.

Accepting Your Submissive Role

Chastity for a sissy is about them realizing that they serve.  It doesn’t matter the sex of the Dominant.  Perhaps you serve a Femdom, maybe it’s your Dom “husband”.  The fact is that with that clitty locked up, you realize your sexual tool is useless, and you have to find other ways to attend to your owner’s needs and desires.  The other thing chastity provides is the knowledge that your sexual release is in someone else’s loving hands.  Be a good sissy, take care of them, and they will take care of you.