If you are following the Masturbation May Thread, Ms Harper posted Yesterday.

Three Types Of Prostate Massage

Okay, there’s probably more, but these are Ms. Delia’s favorites.

No Pleasure Milking

Let’s start with the most difficult one first.  Milking with no penis stimulation.  It takes the most time and you really need an experienced Mistress who knows her way around a prostate.  She slides a finger up your ass and begins rubbing, pressing on and massaging your prostate.  You can also do this externally, by massaging the perineum.  You can even combine both.  This milking should result in minimal pleasure and can create a very submissive emotion. There seems to be differing experiences on just how much fluid this will release.  Some men don’t drip at all, others flow like a river until they’ve given me all their cum.

Ruined Orgasm Milking

Easier to do, and depending on how excited you already are, it can be much quicker.  While your p-spot is being played with, so is your cock.  When I get you to one of your many edges, I’ll just tip you over…and stop touching that cock, ruining your orgasm!  Your prostate massage continues, however.  This is one way to drain you of all your fluids and leave your balls empty.  Any pleasure you get out of it will all depend on just when I stop.

Pleasurable Prostate Massage

If I’m feeling nice, and you’ve pleased your Mistress, instead of taking away that cock stimulation, will just keep right on jerking you as your prostate is massaged.  Every submissive I’ve ever done this too has told me it’s one of the best orgasms they’ve ever had!  Intense, powerful and better than a normal orgasm, and a much bigger cum load!  Which makes this perfect for my cum eating sluts!

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