Fetish Party Fun at A FemDom Party

You submissive guys know how there seem to be fewer Dominant Women than male submissives, right?  Same thing happens at public play parties. There seem to be a lot of Male Dome/female sub couples, maybe some gay couple, but few Domme/sub male couples.  Seriously, Jack and I have been at parties where he’s the ONLY male submissive, and he’s admitted to me what I bet a lot of you have experienced.  It’s a bit intimidating, and maybe even a bit embarrassing when you’re surrounded by 25 or 30 Alpha males – even when you know that probably at least half of them are switches who either submit to the woman they’re currently flogging or someone else.

Comfortable Dominance & Submission

So, when we found out that this particular party was FemDom, and any men had to either be bottoms or submissive, we were like “We HAVE to go!”   Back 3 years ago, I wrote a post on “There’s No Right Way To Do BDSM”.  One of the things I find in FemDom centered play parties is you typically don’t run in to people who want to tell you how you’re dominating your partner all wrong.  Dommes seem to be more accepting of “Your Kink May Not Be My Kink, But It’s Okay.”  That makes the play time so much more comfortable and relaxing.  When Jack knows there’s not some Uber Alpha (or so he thinks…) watching us, judging him, he can really get into subspace!

You Want The Sexy Details

Okay, okay, I know you don’t want to read my rants on Old Guards and “I’d have you submitting to me,” Doms.  You want to know all the sexy, kinky things that went on!  There was a foot worship station, and since Jack’s more into heels, boots and stilettos than actual feet, I let some very nice foot fetishists attend to my pretty peds.  Then, I took him to one of the semi-private dungeons, tied him to a spanking bench and reddened his ass.  Didn’t stop there, my friend Mistress R had shown up and her boy-toy had been so good, he had earned a reward, so Jack blew him while I pounded his ass.  Believe me, he was ridden hard and put away wet!