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A Year Of Chastity

Last year you found two hot sexy girls who wanted to take you to a Halloween party.  They dressed up as cops, and you were their prisoner – handcuffs, the striped jumpsuit

I would have gone with an evil villainess who captures her poor prisoner prey.  And just for fun – and because you thought it was appropriate, you locked your cock up in your chastity cage.

They Became Your Chastity Mistresses

You tried to keep your locked cock status to yourself, but by the end of the night, they had found out.

You resisted giving up the keys, until, one of them leaned over and whispered in your ear “Give them to us, and we will keep you locked until next year.

But then you will get to cum from anal and blowjobs until you beg us to stop…”

You were feeling quite horny, and who could give up anal and blowjobs from these girls?  So you gave her the key.  They’d stop by every few days for a tease session, but you stayed denied until tonight.  It’s Helloween (finally!) again.

Not The Anal And Blowjobs You Were Expecting

This time they dressed up as crazy sexy nurses. You couldn’t wait to get free and fuck their brains out!

So desperate to cum, you didn’t even protest when they stripped you naked and tied both hands behind your back before unlocking you.

“As promised: you get blowjobs and anal until you beg us to stop. I will give you the blowjobs; she will give you anal.

Hey! We had a deal, so no complaining now! And remember: as soon as you tell us to stop, we will do so and lock you back up – whether you cum or not. So better hurry, before she gets out the really big strap-ons! Don’t worry though: she’ll start with the small 10 inch one.”