What A Wonderful – And Sexy! –  Costume

Welcome to the LDW Halloween Party!  What a sexy, costume you have there.  Lace bustier, thong panties, thigh highs, and those heels!  How do you walk around in them?  And all in pink, too.

Funny, you never mentioned that you were a sissy before on any of our calls.  Oh, you aren’t!?? You just thought this would be something funny to dress in.  Well, I wouldn’t say funny.  Slutty, maybe.

Everyone Attending Has To Sign A Contract

Now, before you enter and take in all the devious delights that we have to offer here at The Enchantrix Empire, you must sign this contract.

It’s standard. It just says that you’re going to obey the Mistresses in whatever they ask of you.

You do want to please your Mistress, don’t you?  That is why you’re here.

You’ll Be My Sissy Forever

Oh, my, you signed that awfully fast! Did you even read it?  I’ll bet you missed the last section, the one that says however you arrived is what you’ll be forever!

It’s actually a spell – okay, some think of it as a curse.  Can you feel your mind starting to become all feminine?  What’s that?  Why yes, I do believe we have a glory hole set up, and since only a few of you came as sissies, I’m sure there will be lots of cock for you to suck!

See, the spell is working already.  Before the night is over, you will be my sweet little sissy bitch!

Tune in to See Ms. Kellie’s post tomorrow and her Tumblr blog, Erotic Denial!