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Some Holiday Fun For My Slaves

Too Cold Now!

Are you ready, my subs and slaves?  It’s Ms. Delia’s 12 Days of Sexmas!  Starting on Christmas Day, I’m going to give you Femdom instructions on how you can make your holidays cheery and bright!  Make sure you check back frequently this week to get all your instructions.  You don’t want to miss out on any of the sexy fun!

Christmas Day – An Orgasmic Present

You get a free cum!  But only one!  So you might want to wait until later in the evening. That’s not really chastity, just a long, drawn-out tease and denial session.  Feel free to edge, however!  On Christmas Day, you can stroke and edge five times for me, then blast off!  Just  – remember to collect it and add that jizz to your Christmas dinner to spice up the occasion.

Christmas Night – Pretty Panties

Wearing panties all day long is a bonus! You can imagine they’re a special present from Mistress Santa every time you feel their soft fabric rub across your cock and balls.  Try to get into the holiday spirit and get some red or green lacy ones.  Don’t have any?  No worry! Any pair is good enough for Ms. Delia’s assignment.  I’ll even give you an extra special present.  If you wear those panties all day long AND you ate the cum from that orgasm I directed, you can rub your sissy clit through your panties and enjoy another nice sissygasm!