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December 29 – Oh, More Pain

Did you really think I’d allow you pleasure on the sixth day of Christmas?  You see, I went back and checked my list (forgot to check it twice on Christmas Eve – I was so busy!), and you’re on the naughty list, stroker!

You really have been a bad boy all year.

How many times did you cum without permission?  Well, just once is enough!  Remember, I control your orgasms. 10 strokes to each bare ass. cheek with the back of the hairbrush.  Not once, not twice, but three times today – morning, noon and early evening.

December 30th – Done With The Leftovers Yet?

I know Jack and I are pretty tired of turkey sandwiches, but I have an idea that’s going to make it just delicious for you.  You’ll need something like a shot glass.

Oh, you know where this is going, don’t you?

Go ahead, jerk off for Ms. Delia. Today, I want 50 edges and on the 51st, you can spooge into that glass.  Now fix yourself a nice sandwich – and use that jizz for mayonnaise!

Nice change of pace there, isn’t it?

New Year’s Eve Orgasm

New Year’s Eve night, I want five masturbation sessions where you stroke for 20 minutes or edge 5 times, as always, whichever takes longer. I really want to build up that load in your balls.

Start the 6th masturbation session at 11:30, and make sure you’ve got a view of Times Square.

You’re going to stroke until that ball starts to drop – which is ironic because, with all those edges, I’m sure your balls are trying to climb up into your belly, they’re so tight!

When the countdown starts, get down on the floor, throw your legs over your head, and when it’s 2018, cum with your cock pointed so that you squirt on your face.

Happy New Year!