Here we go, sluts!  Your first 7-day challenge.  Make sure you follow all the instructions.  This week’s challenge is about stroking, it’s not necessarily about cumming!

Sunday – Lube It Up

I want you to buy a lube you are not used to using.  The wonderful and sexy Ms. Constance has a whole page of lube reviews, so maybe pick something off there. Find something that heats up and makes you tingle.  Now, you could stop there.  Just buy the lube.  No stroking.  Or, you could go for extra credit!  Go home and try out the lube. Apply a liberal amount on your cock and balls and stroke for 5 minutes and edge 15 times whichever takes longer.

Monday – You Like Your Cock?  Put A Ring On It!

Go to the store and buy a cock ring. For extra credit put the cock ring on and use some of your new lube. I want you to stroke with your non-dominant hand for 5 minutes and edge 10 times, whichever takes longer. While you are stroking I want you to think about me in my cute red lace cheeky panties. Yup. I am wearing them today. Or maybe Jack’s wearing them.  Tell me, which makes you hotter to imagine?

Tuesday – Bubbles And Trouble

I want you to get some bubble wrap and lube it up. Slide your dick into it and masturbate.  For your extra credit assignment, stroke for 20 minutes or edge 20 times (you know the drill!).  I want you to do this twice today at half-past any hour. For example, 12:30 or 1:30.

Wednesday – Wrap It Up

Go to the pharmacy and buy some ribbed condoms.  Not enough fun?  Want to stroke?  Put your condom on and masturbate using your favorite hand. I want you to stroke hard and fast until you feel like you are about to cum. Then loosen your grip and slow your stroking down until you stop.

Thursday – Good Vibrations

Buy a vibrator.  I want you to not use your hands. turn your vibrator on and turn on the lowest setting. and stroke using only your vibrator. Turn up the vibrations. enjoy the sensations and don’t forget to tease your balls. For your extra credit assignment, you must use that vibrator 4 times today, for 30 minutes each session.

Friday – Soft, Silky Stroking

I want you to take something soft. Either a pair of panties, or a silk scarf. I want you to wrap it around your dick and slide it slowly up and down your dick for 30 minutes. I want you to vary the pace and edge as many times as you can. I want to hear how many edges in the comments.

Saturday – Let’s Put It All Together

Are those balls full?  Have you been a good stroker and completed all your stroking assignments?  We’re going to use everything today!  I want you to use your new lube and put your cock ring on. put a rubber on and fuck some bubble wrap. do this 2 times today. Now, grab that vibrator and feel those wonderful sensations for a session.  Edge 5 times for 20 minutes or whichever takes longer for each session.  After you’ve completed your vibrations, I want you to stroke right to an edge, and hold it for 20 seconds.  Did you do less than 3 of the extra credit assignments?  Put your cock away! 4 or 5?  You can ruin your orgasm for me. 6 or more?  You can cum!  Just make sure you have those panties ready because I want you to dribble, drip or squirt all over them!