What Is It About Edging

I am a cockteasing bitch, and I find that edging is a real art.  I take a lot of pleasure in learning exactly how to get you as close as possible to an explosion without actually allowing you to erupt. Let’s face it, there’s nothing quite like edging for building a guy’s libido and desire. Within a short, you will be vulnerable and totally under my erotic femdom control. Here’s what I’ve learned about edging.

Communication Is The Key To The Perfect Edge

I always make him always tell me exactly how close he is.  This is especially important when we’re first starting out.  At that point, I’m still trying to figure out your moans and groans.  For my in-person subs, I’m trying to get an idea of their body language. I’ll keep talking to him, ask him how it feels, what is best. Once I get a feel for it, I’ll be able to tell just how close to an edge you are without even asking!

Your Body Betrays You

How do I get to the point where I can just tell your stroking has you close to erupting?  If we’re on the phone, it’s by the sounds your making.  It might be moans and groans, it could just be the way your breath quickens.  If we’re on cam, I can see your expressions, see just how you’re stroking my cock.  I can watch you leak, see that head turning red, then purple, swelling as you get close.  With Jack, I can feel for his body and muscles tensing, him holding his breath, arching his back or even tensing, knowing he’s getting very close.