Make sure you read Part 1!

Prolonging The Edge

I’ll move from strong to soft strokes, from his vein filled shaft up to his head constantly, or give you varying guided masturbation instructions. It’s very important to change it up, to build on each edge, making it more intense, causing them to come on quicker.  Watching and feeling as your dick gets ultra rock hard!  I also let you relax for a bit after each edge.  Of course, those relaxation breaks get shorter and shorter! It’s all about stroke – edge – deny – repeat.

You Fail If You Cum

It’s ultimately your fault if you cum before I say so!. That’s why if you erupt before I’m done playing with you, I will properly ruin it.  I just stop all rubbing and stimulation as soon as your cock starts to expand and I know that jizz is racing up your shaft!  Then, you can also be sure there will be lots of post orgasm torment as I use all that slippery cum as lube and keep stroking your hypersensitive joystick, scolding you by saying: you’re so naughty, I didn’t give you permission to cum!

Orgasm As Part of The Tease

Of course, when I’m done playing with you and do believe you’ve earned a release, the teasing won’t stop!  I like to see just how crazy I can make you.  Watching you squirm, listening to you beg so sweetly for the orgasm you’ve been waiting so long for.  Which only I can grant.  And I can be just a bit sadistic, as I lean over, and whisper in your ear, “If you can hold out just five more minutes, I won’t ruin it when you do cum”!