Click: A Small Penis photo story from Ms. Delia’s point of view!

OK, everyone’s left the park.  Strip.  Quickly bro . . . before the cops cruise by.  Attaboy!  I’ll call this “Onan in County Park.”  You know what Onan was famous for, right?  Oh, see that you do know.  My class is going to love this.  I’m teaching a night class in photography and the students are a bunch of horny housewives.

Wait . . .  I can see your fist but where’s your . . .   Oh, goodness . . . well, it is pretty cool out here with that brisk wind: shrinkage you say?  Yea, sure, shrinkage, Mr. Victim of Small Penis-Ness.  Spread those legs and pose, baby.


Are . . . . you . . . . fucking . . . . kidding . . . . me?  I’ve seen “small” in my day but you get the prize . . . . consolation prize!  I don’t know how much consolation I can give you.  Actually, your girl friend needs the sympathy.  Do you even have a girl friend?  I see.  I should have known.  Well, there’s always Pam and her 5 sisters, Mr. Puny Penis.



Oh, your poses are lovely.  I love the shadows your body creates and the sharp cut of your muscles.  I see that you’ve worked to sculpt your body.  What?  No . . . no . . . I have no concern–if that’s the right word–about your penis.  It seems to work well!  Small?  Yes.  Smaller than most?  Yes.  Perhaps not every woman’s, or man’s if that’s the case, “dream penis” . . . but it’s yours.  I don’t judge you, my darling.  There are women out there for you.  For sure, she won’t be a woman who’s looking for a 6-incher . . .  or even a 4-incher, I suppose.  For now, relax . . .  enjoy the attention of my camera and enjoy the moment.  Now that you are without clothes, what’s next, my dear?  Ah, masturbation.  A little, “me” time.  [Laughter]  Of course. Always interesting to see what one usually does privately.  You make the audience stop and watch, and become voyeurs!!  And your moans of pleasure . . . you feed on your own moans, yes, you do.

Am I a “size queen”?  I see you’ve returned to the subject of your penis adequacy.  Interesting phrase, “size queen.”  Does it shame both the man and the woman?  The man, for his relative smallness and the woman for her preference for men with a relatively large member.  But I’ve dodged your question.  Here’s my answer.  [Pause for drama]  Yes, I am a “size queen.”  The size of a man’s goodness is paramount to me.  And, on another subject, I do often consort with a man who is able to “swing large.”  But I make some room for men like you, men who–between the legs–are small.  Large-dicked men and small-dicked men can both serve me, just different needs.

Are you pleased by my answer?  I think you are . . . you just grew a sixteenth of an inch!  [Laughter]  I promise that I will be honest with you.  My honesty may occasionally sting, but like my firm female hand reddening your ass cheeks, the stings feels warm and decadent and wickedly delicious.  Let ME ask a question:  Are you thrilled when a female belittles you?  Oops, you grew another sixteenth!  That’s a total of an eighth of an inch: quite a percentage increase for you!  [Giggle]


So, dear reader, have you enjoyed my blogs about female photographers?  Have I scratched something you’d like to explore?  If so, I’m waiting, camera in hand.  What’s in your hand, a big one or a small one?