When you are in chastity, I always say you should be prepared for an emergency. Last night that happened to Me and to Jack. We solved the problem, but this made me want to again stress the importance of having a plan for escaping chastity if needed.

Jack had been Chastity Locked for the Weekend

Friday night I locked him and wore the key around my neck. I do this from time to time, so it was no different from any other time. The weekend proceeded normally, well normal for us and our kink, of course! Jack completed a nice list of household chores. He cooked, and cleaned, and even cleared out overgrowth in the backyard. Sexually, this weekend was for me. All the orgasms I wanted and how I wanted them were had! And I applied the sweet frustration of cockteasing to our sexy weekend too!

Saturday Night Chastity Lock Emergency

Late Saturday night after some play and wild teasing, I decided to free that cock from chastity. After all, Jack had earned it! I took the key from around my neck. The Femdom controls chastity! and went to put it in the lock, but it would not fit. A second of true panic erupted inside me. I tried again. I went to get the emergency key kept in my jewelry box, and tried it. It did NOT work. I looked closer at the lock, and it looked like a part of the lock cylinder had moved up. The key would not fit!

I made Jack try the lock, and it would not budge. There was no way the key would fit.

Plan for the Chastity Lock Emergency

But we had a plan. We had discussed this happening before we started chastity way back when. While I love being a cocktease and chastity Mistress, I ALWAYS play safely! Our backup plan was to cut the lock. Like a nervous trooper, Jack put on shorts and made his way out to the shed. (Oh, I HATE that shed!) He came in a couple moments later with bolt cutters.  I watched as he ever so gently opened them, and put them on the lock shackle, then closed them down, cutting the metal.

Within seconds, the chastity lock was off, and the device followed. I was relieved that even though chastity went wrong, we had a plan that was quick and helped us get back to the kink!

If you are in chastity, make SURE you have a plan if things go wrong. Pinching, pain, a lock emergency, or whatever you can think of is a good thing to discuss with your Domme before locking away! KNOW your plan, and PRACTICE it before locking so you know what to do if you ever have a chastity emergency!