Cuckold Heaven

It’s finally happened, your hot wife has agreed to cuckold you!  You talked about it for many months, she talked dirty to you while stroking you or fucking you, telling you all about those hot men and how she couldn’t wait to get a really big, thick cock inside of her while you watched.    Together, you picked out just the perfect guy for her, and now he’s feeling her up and their tongues are dancing over each other’s as they kiss.  All while you kneel in the corner, cock straining inside your chastity cage.

Cuckold Hell

Then, turning to you and giving you a smile, she drops to her knees and fishes that huge dick out of his jeans – and swallows it balls deep in one stroke.  That’s when the doubts creep in.  Jealousy, or a feeling that, with your tiny pencil dick, how will you ever satisfy her again?  Those feelings are magnified when he lays her down on the bed and plunges into her sopping wet pussy, and she moans.  As his thrusts pick up speed, she begins to cry and scream as orgasm after orgasm overtakes her with more cums then you ever given her at one time.  Yet, that cock is still trying to grow painfully in that cage, isn’t it

Sometimes Cuckold Heaven And Hell Are The Same Thing

No matter how prepared you think you are or how badly you want it, sometimes it just feels like cuckold heaven and cuckold hell are the same place. You like it that way, though, don’t you cuck?  The joy and pleasure of helping her pick out a man, getting her ready for her date (maybe she’ll let you lick her to an orgasm, just to take the edge off!).  Of course, there’s the humiliation and emasculation of knowing you’ve never made her feel like she feels now, knowing that after tonight, she’ll probably never let you put your dick inside of her ever again – real cock will do that to a woman.  But, a cock never lies, and yours is enjoying all of this!