First The Cockteasing

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.  I am a cockteasing bitch!  I love teasing my submissives and slaves.  Whether it’s taking my subby hubby Jack’s gorgeous dick in my hand (or my mouth…or even my pussy!) or giving my stroking cock control callers guided masturbation instructions, there are few activities that get me as hot and bothered as teasing your horny, hard cocks.

Then The Orgasm Denial

No, you cannot cum!  You thought 5…or 10…or 50 edges would earn you release?  Don’t you know what really turns me on?  Turning you into dripping, squealing, begging sluts really get me wet.  Watching you writhe and squirm, every twitch and pulse of your cock spurting out even more pre-cum.  Hearing you desperately plead with me for release.  That’s what really gets me going!

There’s No Point To Denial Without The Tease

That’s why, when I lock up a cock in chastity, I regularly let it out for a little playtime.  What’s the point of teasing you without the denial?  I want you to feel just how much control I have over your pathetic cock, I want to to be aware of it every day.  Every time you feel your cage sliding against your panties, or hear that lock clicking against the zipper of your jeans (did you go commando you naughty slut?), I want you to realize that your cock belongs to me…and I can play with it whenever I want, just for my amusement!