Handsfree Orgasm – A Fantasy

A lot of men I talk to – whether callers or at munches or other BDSM events – seem to be consumed with the idea of having an orgasm without using their hands. The strict definition would be to cum completely without any penile stimulation. However, like anything in BDSM, this definition has some space for different interpretations and I distinguish between two different types of handsfree orgasms.

Orgasm With Cock Stimulation

You’re going to find hundreds, if not thousands, of porn clips on the internet all tagged with “Hands Free Orgasm.”  You know what 95% of them have in common?  There’s some cock stroking going on before the hand moves away and that dick spurts out it’s jizz.   If you want to be technical, jerking a cock and then just taking the hands off before cumming is indeed a ‘handsfree orgasms’, but only in the widest sense of the term.  If an orgasm is achieved with initial masturbation I would rather just call it a ‘ruined orgasm’, (an abandoned orgasm specifically) because it’s nothing more than that.

Orgasm Without Cock Stimulation

Want a real handsfree orgasm?  They do exist, and you can get one by using the PC-muscle (the pubicoccygeal muscle – I’m not writing it out again!). That’s the muscle you use to make your cock bounce – or, when I’m teasing you, the one that makes it twitch!  This muscle is also always strained when you have an orgasm because it stimulates the prostate. Alternate straining and relaxing it enough, and it will lead to an orgasm completely without touching your cock for a single second. Of course, this requires some exercise.  I have a whole bunch of posts on how to train your PC muscle, and you can always Google it.  The key is to strain it for longer and longer periods of time.  Work on it slut, and you can realize your fantasy.

There are two more types of handsfree orgasms.  Make sure you check out Fem Fabulous for the Sissygasm and Anal Training Phonesex for The Assgasm!  They won’t be up for a few days, so keep checking…