Is Today Your Release Day?

Oh, poor stroker, have you been locked in chastity long enough?  Is today the day I told you you’d be released, to be stroked and have a full, satisfying orgasm?  Your balls can’t be too full, I ruined you just last week!  Oh, they’re aching?  Are those balls blue?

Why Are We Celebrating Your Cock?

I mean, It’s July 4th – Independence Day!  Shouldn’t we be celebrating America?  Seems kind of selfish of you to be so focused on your dick and your pleasure.  I could make your ass red with a nice over-the knee spanking, then have you swallow all that creamy white cum.  Along with your blue balls, that would give us quite the red, white and blue celebration, wouldn’t it?  I have a better idea though.

Pick A Number

I’m going to give you two choices.  Pick a number between 1 and 13 – for the original 13 states, or pick 1776 – for the date we declared independence.  1776?  Because you think today is your Cock Independence Day?  I’m so glad you picked 1776!  You see, I was going to add either 13 hours or 1,776 hours to your chastity timer!  74 more days of chastity sound like way more fun that just a half day, doesn’t it? Doesn’t another 2 ½ months of chastity sound like a hot, frustrating time?  Oh, don’t worry, I’ll tease you every day, and give you…oh let’s say 2…ruined orgasms along the way!